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"Nighthawks", Edward Hopper

The lower the cost...the more meaningful and personal it will be.

- A phone call to your donor is essentially free (and easy to do...just pick up the phone)

- Visiting with them at their home...again, free (just get in the car)

- Giving them an informal tour of your school or (just get out of your seat and office)

- Having them host a small gathering of their friends (prospective supporters) for you to meet, discuss your mutual passions, their personal missions and the mission of your organization...again, essentially free (all the donor pays for is coffee, cocktails, or kombucha....and you just have to interact with new people)

The greater the cost (and the more logistics involved)...the colder it will be.

- An expensive gala that's a logistical nightmare where you get no one-on-one time with your supporters because you're on stage talking at them

- An online giving day where a large chunk of the proceeds are going to a giving platform provider and/or a community, you have zero personal interaction with your donors're both behind a screen.

- An expensive mailer sent out to thousands of folks in which loyal longterm donors are addressed almost identically to new prospects (my alma mater regularly sends me mailings as if I know nothing about its curriculum, character, or mission)


Faithful Catholic Fundraising is a Catholic, family-owned company that offers custom-tailored solutions fit for your mission.

With Faithful Catholic Fundraising, you will begin to think more deeply about your fundraising and cultivate more meaningful conversations with your donors.

You can visit with our founder Killian Beeler on Zoom or get in touch with him at Find reviews of other Catholic leaders like yourself who have personally partnered with Faithful Catholic Fundraising here.


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