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"Gen. Colin Powell", Ronald N. Sherr

The key to a well-run nonprofit?


As Colin Powell once noted, "It ultimately comes down to creating conditions of trust within an organization...Trust can take organizations past the level that the science of management says is possible."

Trust with your staff. Your volunteers. Your donors. Your parishioners. Your partners. The people you serve.

How do you create those conditions of trust?

It's not through slick marketing materials.

Nor the most elegantly written mission statement.

It's not about being a perfect leader who never fails.

And it's definitely not through an HR department.


It's through meaningful conversations.

Be disciplined, vulnerable, and humble enough to sit down...regularly and individually...with each of your "citizens"...for truly meaningful, if maybe messy, open-ended conversations.


Faithful Catholic Fundraising is a Catholic, family-owned company that offers custom-tailored solutions fit for your mission.

With Faithful Catholic Fundraising, you will begin to think more deeply about your fundraising and cultivate more meaningful conversations with your donors.

You can visit with our founder Killian Beeler on Zoom or get in touch with him at Find reviews of other Catholic leaders like yourself who have personally partnered with Faithful Catholic Fundraising here.


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