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"Declaration of Independence", John Trumbull

Jeffersonian dinners. A get-together over dinner where one meaningful conversation is shared.

You may be tired of impersonal galas, golf tournaments, online giving days, and gimmicky mail as your main ways to attract new donors…

So why not just have dinner with a handful of new folks at the table of one of your committed supporters?

Why not discuss your mutual passions, a problem you might come together to solve, their personal mission and the mission of your organization?

It's likely the least known of, least attempted, but most meaningful way to form citizens for your cause.

It worked for Thomas Jefferson. It could work for you.


Faithful Catholic Fundraising is a Catholic, family-owned company that offers custom-tailored solutions fit for your mission.

With Faithful Catholic Fundraising, you will begin to think more deeply about your fundraising and cultivate more meaningful conversations with your donors.

You can visit with our founder Killian Beeler on Zoom or get in touch with him at Find reviews of other Catholic leaders like yourself who have personally partnered with Faithful Catholic Fundraising here.


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